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The Eccles Project

Welcome to the Eccles Project. We're getting there...slowly :-)

What is Eccles?

Eccles is a website testing tool, which can perform both functional and load tests on a webserver. Input and output files are in XML. The XML output allows users to define their own reporting styles.

What is the Project Status?

Currently Eccles is in the early stages of development.Recently completed tasks:

( v0.04 - 19 April 02 )

  • Added an example stylesheet for processing the results with command line processing option.
  • Implemented JUnit interface
  • Integrated JUnit test of validation suite into build file, inserted results into documentation
  • Started adding web testing features, checkout examples/webtest.xml
  • Made assert tag throw an exception
  • Tags Modified: assert
  • Tags Added: for-each
  • , web-conversation, open-url

( v0.03 - 13 April 02 )
Added the xml output functionality & result reporting. All documentation updated. test.xml now contains proper tests and excercises the tags, which can be used to validate the core is working ok.
Tags Added: assert, report, collate-results
Tags Modified: property

( v0.02 - 7 April 02 )
Major work on tag run loop to support the addition of try/catch/throw.
if/else added

( v0.01 - 6 April 02 )
Converted to use schema validation instead of DTD